We Make Moving Easy

We Make Moving Easy

We pride ourselves in taking the stress out of your move and keeping the process simple. Leave it to U-Move Canada to take care of all your Calgary moving and Canadian long distance moving needs and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

What We Do

U-Move Canada provides a safe, reliable, and affordable way to move and store. Save hundreds of dollars compared to a full service move and rid yourself of the stress and hassle of renting, loading and driving a rental truck. Best of all, you get to pack and move when it is convenient for you.

We deliver. You pack it. We move or store it. It’s that simple.

Who We Are

We are Canada’s leader in mobile storage, providing low cost moving and storage solutions. Our founder and CEO, Ted Moore, brings 35 + years of expertise as a professional in the Calgary moving industry.

Calgary Moving/Canadian Long Distance Moving

Whether you are moving long-distance or locally within Calgary, U-Move Canada does it. We guide you through the process so that your move is stress free and you can focus on your new path.

Leave the Stress Behind, We Make Moving Easy

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Trailer Service

  • For larger loads and for those customers who do not require storage.
  • Eliminates truck rental and driving headaches.
  • One call and U-Move delivers our fully equipped trailer (pads, straps, ramp) to your door.
  • You load and pay only for the space used.
  • We deliver to your new location and you unload.
  • We go by your schedule.
  • It’s that easy!

Container Service

  • One call and U-Move delivers the containers to your door.
  • Eliminates truck rental and driving headaches.
  • As much or as little storage as you need.
  • Walk in, Walk out units. No ramps needed.
  • Stress-free packing. No time requirements.
  • Pack once. No repacking needed.
  • Move it to your new location or store it at our
    secure facility (indoor and outdoor) for as long or short a time as needed
U Move Calgary Moving container